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RSU Neighborhood Security

Picture this: A mayor and her city council get deluged by daily emails, phone calls, and media coverage of business owners and citizens saying crime is rising and they no long feel safe on the street, and they want solutions. Now. 

Picture this: A building owner is increasingly concerned for his investment as he loses leases for once thriving restaurants and stores. Where sidewalks were once populated by office workers and shoppers, they are now overwhelmed with people experiencing mental heath challenges, homelessness, and drug abuse. 

Picture this: A store owner is losing thousands to shoplifting just as she is beginning to hear her loyal customers are concerned about their own safety when shopping the neighborhood and eating at restaurants nearby. 

A community should not have to experience police no-shows, screaming drug abusers, people using building alcoves for bathrooms, while people selling drugs and committing property crimes are not held accountable. While the reasons for this state of affairs are varied and complex, there are solutions. 

RSU’s Neighborhood Security program can be an important piece of a community’s public safety infrastructure. Quickly evolving public safety challenges now require private, flexible security solutions.

RSU understands the complexities of local government, business, and community public safety challenges and provides services that meet the moment. We use well-trained security personnel who know how to build relationships, de-escalate situations, use force of personality to gain compliance, help others feel safe in their presence, and represent our clients’ interests, even in tough situations.  

Our Neighborhood Security services have been proven effective for our municipal, building ownership, and business clients by creating a “safety bubble” throughout a neighborhood or central business district.

RSU Neighborhood Security personnel are accepted as a helpful presence even for citizens who are reflexively opposed to police and security presence. 

While a community should be able to expect public safety on its sidewalks and neighborhoods, in this extraordinary time our cities, businesses, and citizens, need extra help in providing order, safety, and preservation of public and private property. RSU is here for that. 

We want to bring a safety bubble to your neighborhood.


Please reach out and we’ll discuss how it’s done. 


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Where We Begin

We begin by understanding your community, what security challenges you are facing, who the kay partners for change are, and how this change would happen. We start by building relationships with those most effected, ask a lot of questions, then build a security change model specifically for your community.

Who We Partner With

We understand that success is a team effort, that is why the creation of your community safety bubble relies on us working closely with local government officials, other contract holders, law enforcement, neighbors, businesses, and the people creating the chaos themselves. This is their community as well, and it is imperitive to us that they are communicated and interacted with dignity, respect and as a member of the community that we are here to serve. This is how a community works: Good relationships, clear communications, and accountability to one another.

We Are Customer Focused

We establish feedback loops with our clients and community partners to learn and improve from all the people we work with as we grow. Our Neighborhood Security teams listens to all of the community members, making sure to not only serve our clients, but to also advocate for those have trouble being heard.

Safetey Bubble Establishment

This is where we begin to build our RSU Neighborhood Security team, by hiring from within the community we are partnered with to bring change. We Provide these community members with our unique and proven Neighborhood Security Training and oversight.


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a commonly-used term for designing the built environment to contribute to a sense of safety. The four elements of CPTED are: natural surveillance and visibility; lighting; territorial reinforcement and space delineation, and natural access control. Call Today to see how RSU can assist you!

We are Professionals

our team has deep knowledge of all aspects of public and private security; how businesses, communities and cities actually work; and how to be good effective partners. We make it our business to understand the political, social, and operational context of every community, county and state we operate within.