At RSU, we are at the forefront of redefining security for a rapidly evolving world, deeply affected by technological advancements and societal challenges. Our approach integrates internally developed tools, cutting-edge Large Language Models, Data Analysis, and research-driven strategies to offer bespoke security solutions that emphasize community, inclusivity, and fundamental human rights. Our team of seasoned professionals come from military, intelligence, private sector, and public safety backgrounds, along with mentors and educators from Behavioral Health, Outreach Support, and Civil Rights communities. With a network of professionals, we ensure our methods are not only aligned with the highest industry standards but also with a compassionate, unbiased, and long-term commitment to your safety. We are dedicated to fostering enduring relationships through our tailored services, ensuring freedom, privacy, transparency, and protection are not just ideals, but realities for all our clients.

Community  Security/Safety

At RSU, we believe that security begins with community engagement. As America faces a critical housing and drug crisis, city leaders, law enforcement, and outreach groups are in urgent need of support and effective strategies. RSU was established to foster a safe and inclusive environment for everyone. Our approach involves active community patrolling, establishing connections and rapport with local vulnerable populations, and offering guidance and resources to those in need. We focus on helping individuals find safer locations with better access to resources. Our collaboration with outreach teams, behavioral health specialists, law enforcement, and our own training and administrative experts aims to develop innovative solutions to prevent loitering, unauthorized camping, vandalism, and other risks that could affect organizations and the surrounding community.

Commercial Security

At RSU, we understand the critical need for specialized commercial security services in the face of escalating retail theft, property damage, and trespassing. Our commitment is to provide top-tier security solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses. We employ advanced surveillance technology alongside seasoned security professionals trained to preempt and respond to various threats effectively. Our strategy encompasses a thorough risk assessment, followed by the implementation of customized security measures designed to protect assets, ensure customer safety, and maintain a secure environment for employees. With RSU, businesses can rely on vigilant, responsive, and innovative security services to counteract the rising challenges and maintain peace and safety in their operations.

Private, Public, & Major Events

RSU's Event Security Services offer tailored solutions for both private and public gatherings, ensuring safety and professionalism irrespective of the event's scale or nature. Our security strategy encompasses a comprehensive assessment of potential risks, crowd control management, emergency response planning, and seamless coordination with event organizers. For private events, we prioritize discretion and personalized security, maintaining the event's exclusivity and privacy while ensuring all guests feel secure and comfortable. In public events, our focus extends to managing large crowds, addressing public safety concerns, and providing visible reassurance without compromising the event's atmosphere. In every scenario, our team is equipped to handle unforeseen challenges, offering a secure environment that allows hosts and attendees to focus on the event itself. With RSU, every event is an occasion for safe celebration and gathering.

Executive | Close Protection

RSU's Executive Protection Services are dedicated to the safety and privacy of individuals who require focused personal security due to their status, occupation, or specific risk factors. Our approach is discreet, comprehensive, and tailored to the unique lifestyle and requirements of each client. Our highly trained close protection officers are proficient in threat assessment, risk management, conflict de-escalation, and emergency response. They are skilled in providing security during travel, at work, home, or during public appearances, ensuring a constant shield of protection.

We understand that each principal's needs are different, ranging from corporate executives and celebrities to high-net-worth individuals and their families. Therefore, our services are customizable and can include secure transportation, residential security, and international protection. Our close protection agents are not only trained in physical security but also in maintaining the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity to the privacy and personal schedules of those they protect. With RSU, executives and high-profile individuals can conduct their daily activities with peace of mind, knowing their safety is in expert hands.

Investigation & Intelligence

Investigation, Intelligence, and Protective Threat Analytics form an integrated approach to how we provide effective security, combining in-depth investigative work with comprehensive intelligence analysis and protective strategies. Our team of seasoned investigators and intelligence analysts are skilled in a variety of disciplines, including corporate investigations, cybercrime, and due diligence, as well as advanced protective threat intelligence.

Our Protective Threat Intelligence is particularly focused on identifying, assessing, and neutralizing threats before they can impact our clients. This involves continuous monitoring of potential risks, analyzing threat patterns, and providing actionable intelligence to preemptively address security concerns. We specialize in understanding the adversary's intentions and capabilities, ensuring our clients are steps ahead of any potential threats. We keep up to date on scams, social unrest, misinformation, and more to provide you with actional information for your next decision.

This team also play a crucial role in informing and enhancing our operational capabilities. By providing critical metrics and real-time information, they ensure that our staff on the ground are equipped with the latest information, while also continuously updating our training curriculum. This dynamic feedback loop ensures that our protective strategies and educational programs are current, relevant, and effective in the face of evolving threats.


Comprehensive Reports

From daily activity reports, to visitors logs and incident reports. Our staff is trained to provide as much insight to situations as possible. Our analytics team then compiles outside sources like crime data and even weather to provide you insight on the day to day security landscape of your organization.

  • Scheduled Report Sharing
  • Detailed Report Insights
  • Capturing Risk Related Data

Risk Management

From start to finish, we will help you develop your entire organization's safety and security plan. This includes evaluating your current emergency action plans, shelter in place strategies, mass casualty event planning, and more.

  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Continuity Planning
  • Mass Casualty Planning

Protective Threat Intelligence

Our Investigations and Intelligence services work in tandem with security and safety staff to provide metrics, insights, alerts, and the overall threat landscape we serve. This keeps our staff and clients informed on up to date situations, groups, cyber crime, and malicious activity.

  • Crime Statistics
  • Travel Risk Assessments
  • Operational Support
  • Comprehensive Analytics