Investigation, Intelligence, and Protective Threat Analytics are core to our proactive security approach, combining meticulous investigative work, extensive intelligence analysis, and advanced protective strategies. Our team consists of experienced investigators and intelligence analysts specializing in various fields, such as corporate investigations, cybercrime, and due diligence, and they are adept at providing advanced protective threat intelligence.

Our Protective Threat Intelligence focuses on early identification, assessment, and mitigation of threats, through continuous risk monitoring and threat pattern analysis. By understanding the adversary's intentions and capabilities, we ensure our clients are preemptively shielded against potential threats. We stay abreast of the latest in scams, social unrest, and misinformation to deliver actionable insights for client decision-making.

Additionally, our team significantly enhances our operational capabilities by providing critical metrics and real-time information, ensuring that our ground staff are well-informed and our training curriculum remains updated. This creates a dynamic feedback loop, keeping our protective strategies and educational programs current and effective against the continually evolving threat landscape.


Our approach integrates cutting-edge technology with traditional investigative techniques. We provide comprehensive, intelligence-driven solutions that protect against, detect, and respond to threats.


Our strategies are based on thorough research, advanced analytics, and a network of resources. We continuously monitor and evaluate threats to provide timely and effective protective intelligence.


We offer a range of services including corporate investigations, cybercrime analysis, and threat intelligence. Our team is equipped to handle complex and sensitive assignments with skill and discretion.


With RSU, you benefit from a partner that is at the forefront of the security industry. Our investigative and intelligence capabilities are unmatched, making us a leader in providing advanced, informed security solutions.