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January 1, 2024

2024 State of Physical Security With RSU


As we step into 2024, the world of physical security continues to evolve, facing new challenges and adopting innovative solutions. RSU is at the forefront, navigating these changes with a blend of technology, expertise, and community-centric approaches. This article delves into the physical security trends for 2024 and RSU’s integration of systems and services to meet these emerging needs.

2024 Physical Security Trends and RSU's Integration

1. IT and Physical Security Teams Join Forces

The convergence of IT and physical security is accelerating. RSU recognizes the synergy between these domains and is fostering collaboration to optimize risk mitigation and data utilization. Our approach includes:

  • Integrating IT Expertise: Incorporating IT professionals within physical security teams to enhance technological capabilities.
  • Expanding SecOps: Broadening Security Operations to address both physical and digital threats, harnessing data from both realms for comprehensive risk analysis.
  • Unified Solutions: Deploying cloud-connected physical security solutions that provide a holistic view of risks and resources.

2. Democratization of Physical Security Data

As more employees engage with physical security technologies, RSU embraces solutions that are collaborative and user-friendly. Our initiatives include:

  • Collaborative Technologies: Implementing secure, easy-to-use technologies enabling employees across various departments to engage with physical security tasks.
  • Workforce Augmentation: Enhancing workforce capabilities by making security technologies accessible and easy to use for non-security staff.

3. Access Control Modernization

Access control remains a priority. RSU is investing in hybrid-cloud models and open access control solutions that offer flexibility and continuous innovation. Our strategies include:

  • Hybrid-Cloud Models: Shifting to hybrid-cloud access control for better innovation and cybersecurity.
  • Open Access Control: Adopting open solutions to integrate various technologies, enhancing operational efficiencies and user experience.
  • System Unification: Moving towards unified systems to streamline monitoring and maintenance, leading to cost savings and higher output.

4. Maximizing Hybrid-Cloud Investment

With the rise in hybrid-cloud adoption, RSU focuses on maximizing these investments. Our approach includes:

  • Plug-and-Play Appliances: Introducing cloud-ready appliances that enhance edge computing power and streamline cloud services access.
  • Cloud Data Optimization: Strategizing on cloud data usage and cost optimization with a focus on extending use cases beyond security.

5. Cities Focused on Building Public Trust

RSU supports cities in their efforts to build public trust while investing in new crime-fighting technologies. Our strategies include:

  • Privacy by Design: Choosing solutions that offer control over data collection, handling, and sharing.
  • Transparent Partnerships: Working with technology vendors to ensure optimal defense lines and system hardening.
  • Community Engagement: Encouraging transparent communication and community policing efforts to enhance safety and trust.

6. IIoT Growth and Data-Optimized Solutions

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is booming, and RSU is at the forefront of integrating these technologies. Our focus is on:

  • API-Centric Architecture: Adopting an open architecture to analyze various data sources and inform new strategies.
  • Embedded Analytics: Incorporating physical security solutions with embedded analytics, automation tools, and visual dashboards for enhanced decision-making.

7. Government-Approved Solutions

In response to growing cyber threats, RSU is prioritizing government-approved and compliant solutions. Our commitment includes:

  • Adhering to Directives: Following government directives and accredited certifications to guide technology decisions.
  • Proving Trustworthiness: Adopting advanced tools that help identify and contain threats faster, demonstrating our commitment to cybersecurity.

8. Ongoing Focus on Cyber Defenses

RSU understands the critical nature of cybersecurity in the physical security realm. Our ongoing efforts include:

  • Enhanced Automation: Implementing tools that enhance automation and proactive risk detection.
  • Cyber Resilience: Strengthening cyber resilience by continuously hardening our physical security systems against emerging threats.


As the 2024 State of Physical Security unfolds, RSU remains committed to leading with innovation, expertise, and a community-focused approach. By integrating advanced technologies, fostering collaboration between IT and physical security teams, and adopting data-driven strategies, we continue to set the standard for comprehensive security solutions. With RSU, clients are assured of a partnership that values their safety, privacy, and continuity in an ever-evolving world.