At RSU, we recognize the growing challenges of retail theft, property damage, and trespassing and the importance of specialized commercial security services. We are dedicated to delivering premium security solutions tailored to each business's specific needs. Utilizing cutting-edge surveillance technology, reporting methods, and experienced security personnel, we aim to proactively identify and address threats. Our approach includes comprehensive risk assessments and the deployment of bespoke security strategies to safeguard assets, ensure customer safety, and create a secure working environment. Businesses can trust RSU for vigilant, adaptable, and forward-thinking security services to mitigate current risks and promote a peaceful, safe operational atmosphere.


RSU understands that each business faces unique security challenges. Our approach is to provide customized, scalable solutions that address the specific needs and risks of your operation. We blend physical security with advanced technology to create a robust protective environment.


Our strategies are built on a foundation of thorough research and continuous community feedback. We collaborate with local authorities, organizations, and residents to understand the unique challenges and needs of each area. This allows us to create tailored strategies that effectively deter crime, reduce fear, and encourage positive community interactions.


Our team conducts detailed risk assessments and stays abreast of the latest security trends and technologies. We work closely with business owners and managers to implement strategies that protect assets, ensure customer safety, and maintain business continuity.


We offer a comprehensive suite of commercial security services including surveillance, access control, alarm systems, and emergency response. Our trained professionals are adept at handling a variety of scenarios, ensuring your business remains secure and operational.