Founder | Executive Partner

Mick Jolly

Mick Jolly is a distinguished executive partner at Risk Solutions Unlimited (RSU) with a rich background spanning over 25 years in law enforcement, serving in various capacities for federal, local, and private sectors. He possesses an active Top Secret Clearance, reflecting his trustworthiness and expertise in handling sensitive information. Mick's career highlights include roles as a Deputy Sheriff, where he honed his skills as a Defensive Tactics Instructor and worked across Patrol, Detectives, and Civil units focusing on Border Intelligence. His proficiency led to his recruitment by the US Secret Service, where he conducted numerous high-profile protection missions, including safeguarding the President of the United States and other prominent international figures.

Mick's expertise extends to Executive Protection, Threat Assessments, Site Security, Civil and Criminal Investigations, and Technical Security, specializing in Counter Surveillance. He is a seasoned professional in defensive and control tactics, with over 35 years of experience in martial arts training and teaching. Mick's commitment to continuous learning and development is evident from his extensive educational background, including graduation from the United States Secret Service Academy and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, among other prestigious institutions.

In addition to his operational roles, Mick is actively involved in the professional community as the Vice President of the Washington Association of Legal Investigators. His dedication to the field is recognized through multiple commendations and his contribution to the industry through various professional designations. As a co-founder of RSU, Mick, alongside Cecil Jentges, aims to innovate and excel in providing top-tier security and protection services. His leadership and vision are central to RSU's commitment to growth and excellence in serving its clients.