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Nestled in the scenic Pacific Northwest, Bellingham, Washington, is a community known for its vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes, and the growing needs of urban security. RSU recognizes the unique charm and challenges of Bellingham and is committed to providing comprehensive security solutions that protect and enhance the quality of life for all residents and businesses. Our approach is not just about safeguarding property; it's about fostering a safe, inclusive, and thriving community.

Bellingham's Unique Security Needs

As Bellingham continues to grow and evolve, so do its security needs. From the bustling activity of its universities and cultural centers to the quietude of its residential areas, each aspect of Bellingham requires a nuanced and thoughtful approach to safety. RSU understands these diverse needs and offers tailored solutions that address everything from property crimes and business security to community well-being and emergency preparedness.

RSU's Holistic Approach to Community Safety

Comprehensive Safety Solutions

RSU provides a suite of integrated security services designed to meet the unique needs of Bellingham. Our offerings include proactive patrols, advanced surveillance technology, and rapid response capabilities, ensuring a robust defense against a variety of threats.

Community Collaboration

At the heart of our approach is a deep commitment to community collaboration. RSU actively engages with local organizations, law enforcement, and residents to create a unified front against security threats. Our partnerships enable us to provide more effective and responsive services, making Bellingham a safer place for everyone.

Ethical and Inclusive Practices

RSU operates with the highest standards of ethics and inclusivity. We respect the cultural diversity of Bellingham and are committed to protecting the rights and privacy of all community members. Our policies and practices reflect this commitment, ensuring that our services are not only effective but also equitable and respectful.

Tailoring Security to Bellingham's Needs

Support for Diverse Sectors

Bellingham's economy is as diverse as its population, encompassing everything from retail and restaurants to education and healthcare. RSU offers customized security solutions for each sector, ensuring that businesses, schools, hospitals, and other institutions have the protection they need to thrive.

Advanced Training and Technology

RSU's security personnel are among the best trained and equipped in the industry. We provide ongoing education in the latest security techniques and technologies, ensuring that our team is prepared to handle any situation. Our use of advanced surveillance and data analytics further enhances our ability to protect and serve Bellingham.

Emphasis on Prevention and Responsiveness

Our strategy emphasizes not just the response to incidents but their prevention. RSU's proactive measures include risk assessments, community education, and the promotion of safety awareness. When incidents do occur, our rapid response ensures that they are handled efficiently and with minimal disruption to the community.

The Future of Security in Bellingham

Adapting to Change

As Bellingham grows and changes, so too will its security needs. RSU is committed to staying ahead of these changes, continually updating our strategies and technologies to provide the most effective security solutions possible.

A Partnership for Community Safety

We view our work as a partnership with the people of Bellingham, working together to create a safer, more secure community. By choosing RSU, residents and businesses in Bellingham are not just hiring a security provider; they are joining a network of dedicated professionals committed to making their city a better place.


In Bellingham, the need for comprehensive, ethical, and responsive security services has never been greater. RSU stands ready to meet this need, offering innovative solutions and a partnership approach to community safety. Together, we can build a safer, more secure Bellingham, where every resident, business, and visitor can enjoy the peace and prosperity they deserve.


"Good Evening! I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the presence of your staff at the civic field shelter. I am the PM supervisor on a lot of the nights of the week. I would like to call out your recent new hire, T, specifically.

There was an altercation which became physical between two guests on Sunday night, T sprang into action and was quickly in between the two parties. He successfully defused the situation before anyone was seriously hurt and aided me in further de-escalation and removal of the parties involved from the premises. T has in my opinion gone above and beyond his call in this instance and I felt the need to express my deep gratitude for his presence and assistance on Sunday.

Thank you all very much again, your help has been crucial in running a safe shelter for our vulnerable neighbors.

-Connor McAdams”
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