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Located in the heart of Washington, Renton is a city that embodies growth, diversity, and the challenges of an evolving urban landscape. Recognizing the unique needs of this vibrant community, RSU presents an innovative approach to safety and security. Our vision is not just to serve but to integrate into the fabric of Renton, offering comprehensive solutions that ensure the safety of businesses, properties, and most importantly, its people.

Understanding Renton's Security Landscape

Renton's growth brings with it a complex array of security challenges. From property crimes and drug-related issues to the need for community engagement in light of the housing crisis, Renton requires a nuanced approach to safety. RSU's deep understanding of these dynamics positions us as more than a security provider; we are partners in fostering a secure, inclusive, and thriving community.

RSU's Pioneering Community Safety Cooperative

Transformative Approach to Security

RSU introduces the Safety Co-operative, a novel concept in communal security. It's a collaborative network where members are linked to RSU's extensive safety resources. Membership fees are reinvested into the program, ensuring constant innovation and responsiveness to Renton's shifting security landscape.

Shared Information for Collective Safety

Our cooperative model thrives on shared responsibility. Members benefit from regular updates on local crime alerts, suspicious activities, and insights from our field analysts. This communal intelligence serves as a powerful tool in pre-empting security threats and fostering a proactive safety culture.

Inclusivity and Ethics at the Core

RSU celebrates and upholds diversity, human rights, and the protection of privacy. Our policies reflect our commitment to ethical service, embracing cultural diversity, safeguarding science and technology, and championing the values of human innovation.

Tailored Solutions for Renton's Diverse Needs

Support for Small Businesses and Real Estate

Understanding the backbone of Renton's economy lies in its small businesses and real estate, RSU's Safety Co-op offers customized security solutions. From after-hours checks to real-time incident response, we ensure these crucial sectors receive the support needed to flourish safely.

Advanced Training and Technology

RSU's team is not just trained in traditional security measures. We are equipped with advanced first aid, including the administration of NARCAN, and are continually updated on the latest de-escalation techniques and technology. Our approach ensures that every interaction is handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

Community Engagement and Empowerment

At RSU, we believe in the power of community. Our security strategies involve active community patrolling, establishing connections with local populations, and collaboration with outreach teams and behavioral health specialists. Our aim is to contribute positively to Renton's community fabric, ensuring safety while supporting those in need.

The Future of RSU in Renton

Adapting to Emerging Threats

As new challenges arise, from technological advancements to shifts in social dynamics, RSU's Safety Co-op is committed to adapting and evolving. Our proactive stance on research and strategy ensures that Renton's security measures are always ahead of the curve.

Building a Network of Safety

RSU's vision is to weave a network of safety that permeates every corner of Renton. By joining the RSU Safety Co-op, members not only protect their interests but contribute to a larger movement of security, well-being, and communal prosperity.


In Renton, RSU is not just a provider of security services; we are a dedicated partner in ensuring the safety, well-being, and prosperity of the community. Our innovative approach to security, grounded in communal collaboration and ethical practice, sets us apart. Choose RSU for a holistic approach to safety, where the protection of your business, property, and community is our highest mission. Together, let's create a safer, more resilient Renton.


"Good Evening! I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the presence of your staff at the civic field shelter. I am the PM supervisor on a lot of the nights of the week. I would like to call out your recent new hire, T, specifically.

There was an altercation which became physical between two guests on Sunday night, T sprang into action and was quickly in between the two parties. He successfully defused the situation before anyone was seriously hurt and aided me in further de-escalation and removal of the parties involved from the premises. T has in my opinion gone above and beyond his call in this instance and I felt the need to express my deep gratitude for his presence and assistance on Sunday.

Thank you all very much again, your help has been crucial in running a safe shelter for our vulnerable neighbors.

-Connor McAdams”
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